Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cristmas Japonism @SEEDS Dec.9th

Japonism Christmas Event SEEDS 8th "Tsubaki: Camellia"

Lst's spend the "Japonism" Night Together. SEEDS Tokyo Impact 8th invites anybody love japanese art for the premere of Tokyo christmas season. The blue eyes depiction of Japanese culture are welcome. High quality traditional but modern art performance will ease you and seeds new creativity in you.
anyway, drop by SEEDS in Shibuya at club ON@OFF, or you won't piss the night away.

Venue: No Need Reservation
December 9th Sat. 21:00 start till Dawn 4:00
1,500 yen (1 drink)
Shibuya ON@OFF MAP
phone: 03-3476-1080

21:30- Maharajah Harmonics "Kazoo" Junpei Makuuchi
22:15- Yanaka Blues Again Biwa(Japanese lute) Nobuko Kawashima
22:45- Christman Chanpaign Bloom Shinobue+Wadaiko (Bamboo flute + Japanese Drum) Michiko Yamada "DakaDaka"
23:30- Bluse Man from the South "Tsubaki Hanawo" Show
24:15- Watch That Man Soul Dance Ko Ito
25:00- Ambient Trunpet Ko-Do-Na
25:30- Jam w/t Dijurijue, Berrydance and more

Pantomime Magic Monchack

Art Live Performance

21:00-4:00 Curving and Printing Aya Kondo
21:00-23:00Drawing KOBATA
24:00-4:00 Drawing Riu Wauke
21:00-4:00 Calligraphy Orie Yoshida
21:00- 4:00 Ikebana Live (Flower arrangement) Seiko Nasu
Live Photo http://oknauts.jp/renaiblog/

DJ Kazuki
DJ+Video double A.M. coorporation
VJ Area 81

Kimono Dress Hana Rieko Hagiwara
previous images here
live legend here

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cherry Bomb Down

They SEEDS the Tokyo art scene with splash idea of performance. SEEDS Tokyo Impact "Sakura, or cherry blossom" shook edgy grickers up.
Shamisen, Kazoo, or live curving are blooming. pop out of Tokyo night.
Hear on the Tibet mountain.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Watch That Man @SEEDS

Ko Ito took a swing at "SEEDS Tokyo Impact". Associated with the consept of "Red leaves in autumn", he dressed up with red and desplayed the mountain scenery as being.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Surfing High Pitch Wave of Shinobue

High pitch wave surround and her sound blast off the wall up to the sky. Yukiko Oka created on the cloud atomasphier with unhearble sound of slender Japanese flute, shinobue or noukan. This high pitch, called "Hishigi" uniquely can not been heard any other instruments than nokan. This high pitch sound would relax you like acupuncture effect.

Hishigi means "pulled" or "crushed".

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hiroki Bamboo Air Wafting Across

Hiroki Koichi deeply pumps the breath into a bamboo. The heavy breath comes across the deep whispering out of bamboo flute, or shakuhachi, a Japanese old flute. 1/f flicker sound made us dipping into an air bath tub.


Friday, October 13, 2006

SEEDS on Eyes

You can see what's going under the earth here

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

DJ Kazuki: Positively Negative Strategy

Art is one of what can't be analysed with stracture model theory. Artist is born to express yourself and hate comparison with others. A captain of dancefloor, DJ, would be the best example.
DJ Kazuki is, however, staratigically exceptional. His play emboss cozy air among the audience and never appeal itself. Like an acient chinese kingdom aimed to demolish its exsistence on people. They think invisible government is the best management. DJ Kazuki's play inherits of this asian modest way.

His positivly negative succeeded attract out of audience. He didnot "cast" his music, but uploaded and publiced one.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Aya Kondo, Fresh Charm on SEEDS fes.

Aya Kondo, Japanese wood curving artist, brusted on SEEDS Tokyo Impact 7th again. Her third act on Tokyo unique art festival gripped the audience intension. Seeing curving process scatter the fresh impression on those never have expierinced the art new born moment.

Aya Kondo's open approach deserves more world wide interest. This unique art activist bring the art down to the normal art lovers. She released the mix up art out of the arrogance fine art society. That is the liberation of art.

The approse of SEEDS Tokyo Imact audience proved her art action. She charmed and talked, "In front of people, I got energy and wiil be more creative". Well, they also be creative by her charm.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Ko Ito, Buzzer Swing - Blossom or Falling??

Ko Ito flushed explode impression on the Shibuya night rumblers. His expression, move, colour or music, was not only unique but quite understandable to feel.

A throw of red flag looked like red leaves bloom of Mt. Fuji or Kyoto temple forest. Or that was like leaves falling down back to the earth.

Blossom or Falling?? Or even both?? That is re-birth of Nature, which Ko Ito would like to show us. This is like the acient chinese thought "Yin and Yang" and what Ko Ito's let us think about.