Monday, July 30, 2007

Freeze, Here comes Fridge man!


The unique standup comedy will show on the SEEDS "Sun flower", Friday Aug 10th, on 21:00.

Fridge man (Razor-ko man) has ambivalence comedic style, to let us laugh because of not funny. Freezed, packed, and pulled away. Getting in the ice age...That's good, if only during in this hot moisutured summer time.

The fridge style comedy will sticked around your brain after seeing his show as it's been to me. must-see him on SEEDS @ BULLET'S (Roppongi, get in a courner one block before "aLife") Phone: 03-3401-4844

Saturday, July 28, 2007

wow, SEEDS Back!

After the long time break, Japonism art round, SEEDS Tokyo Impact is back at last. August 10th, Friday 21:00 is the time for the mid-summer club hoppers to get a reflesh shower with the "Japan Cool" art culture. Coming By

SEEDS Tokyo Impact 9th "Sun flower"

Place: Bullet's (turn right at the corner of "aLife" @Roppongi)
Venue: 2000 JPY w/t 1drink
Time: August 10, Friday 21:00 - 4:00

Live Performance

Ko Ito [Contemporary Dance]
Megumi Hioki [Live Caligraphy]
Norika Kizaki [Japanese Dram]
Refregerator Man [Santd up Comedy]
Kiroku Aoi, Kyo Aoi, Sakura Aoi [Japanese Tradional Dance "Aoi Ryu"]
Hanao [Japanese Blues]
KO・DO・NA [Ambient]
Sandra [Dance]
MOJO Yokoyama [Ethnic Instrument]

Saori Yoshida [Sya-kyo:carigrapy on Buddist book]
Syu Onodera [Ikebana "Sogeturyu"]
Sandrapia []


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