Monday, August 13, 2007

Photos Uploaded

Uploaded photos on show, please click below url.
only eleven photos so far, others coming up this Friday !!
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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Aug 10th SEEDS Time Schedule

SEEDS Tokyo Impact 9th "Sun flower"

Place: Bullet's (turn right at the corner of "aLife" @Roppongi)
Venue: 2000 JPY w/t 1drink
Time: August 10, Friday 21:00 - 4:00

Live Performance

21:30-22:00 Yukari Kitahara [Live Suibokuga] 
22:00-22:30 Kiroku Aoi, Kyo Aoi, Sakura Aoi [Japanese Tradional Dance "Aoi Ryu"]
22:30-23:00 Ito+Sora matsuda+UJ Takase [Contemporary Dance]
23:00-23:30 Fredge Man, Reizoko man [Standup Comedy]
23:30-24:00 Hanao Tsubaki [Japanese Blues]
24:00-24:30 Megumu Hioki [Live Caligraphy]
24:30-25:00 Norika Kizaki [Japanese Drums]
25:00-25:30 azul [Flying]
25:30-26:30 Afterwards Sandra [Dance], MOJO Yokoyama [Ethnic Instrument]
26:30-27:30 DJ Honmen Rider Mogiwo
27:30-28:30 DJ KAZUKI

Instaration 21:00-

Saori Yoshida [Sya-kyo:carigrapy on Buddist book]
Syu Onodera [Ikebana "Sogeturyu"]
Sandrapia []


See waht's happen before :

Ikebana under contraction @SEEDS

Ikebana, or flower arrangement in Japan tradtional way, is the art which you see as a steal art work. Color, composition, or flower itself free us from daily stress. I think it would be more peaceful if we can see how the artist can make it up. As we like to see the flower in the garden is growing, it is very fun to see the art growing process.
Syu Onodera has been seeding the art flower in Tokyo and Paris. The August 10th nihgt, he seeds his passion on Roppongi and get sunflower blast. Check it

21:00- Ikebana Syu Onodera : SEEDS Tokyo Impact @BULLET'S

Flying "azul" to the moon

Night suimming in the sky, you might have a dream on it when you are in a kid. On the roof, the iMax theater speculated in front of your eyes.
and twenty years later,

Here you go, "azul" here. Bragirian Kapoyera master got flying impression on you guys. azul flys on the carpet.

The azul show will start at 25:00 @SEEDS

Must see