Friday, November 10, 2006

Blues Man from the South Tsubaki Show @SEEDS

Chinese aicent terminology did not define that "not being" is the opposit idea of "being". They undersood that "not being" is being "not be".

God only knows. You might be trustful person if that words occur in mind when you face problems. G.O.K. is a marginal room in making decision and a charm which leads you to rational action in the long run. The respect on the nature raises curiosity and
builds the talent. The art will be given on you, not achieved by your daily practicing. Ascetic practice aims to abandon yourself, not to get something. As long as keeping modest to the nature, the idea will keep coming into you. Well, some might say, "That is not the art". You need to know the limit of human being.

Tsubaki Hanawo(ツバキハナヲ) sings the spinning news out of his body. His split hoarsy voice reminds of smoky morning in Shibuya. Another might recall the solid sound of rain on the rocks in Yakushima island. Either Shibuya or Yakushima island is no different jungle as it is. Tsubaki Hanawo's blues explodes the breathing shout out of the communication to the nature.

See it, here it and smell the "Tsubaki Hanawo" Blues Show @SEEDS"Tsubaki" Dec. 9th around midnight.

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