Thursday, November 09, 2006

Calligraphic Mystery Tour on SEEDS

Kyuyo Ishikawa dispels calligrapy mysticism with only three words, "Tong, Suh, and Tong". This simile comes across the tinny sound in mind of the brush strokes. He mentions letters used to be inscribed in stones and calligraphy is the imitation of this carving movement of chisel: Brush is the chisel and paper is the stone. "Tong" is the hitting sound of the chisel and "Suh" is the sound of slide of chisel. With Prof. Ishikawa's view point on calligraphy, you can enjoy it more ever.

Another pleasure of calligraphy appreciation is to understand the history of forming them. Prof. Shizuka Shirakawa, respectable philologist and dead in October, was said to be able to recognize its pronounce and meaning when new chinese charactors descovered in the ruins. That is because the chinese character, or Kanji, compoesd with the several figures each of which has original meaning.

Orie Yoshida, a Japanese calligrapher, draws letters on her deep understanding of the chinese charactor world. That gives us deeper enteretainment to see.
Her "Tong, Suh and Tong" sound takes us trip away to the gate of the deep cavern in Chinese Sichuan maountains.

Don't miss the great journey of live calligraphy drawing @SEEDS, Dec. 9th Sat, 21:00 open.

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