Friday, November 03, 2006

Cristmas Sparkling Beat @SEEDS Tsubaki

A few walks after getting off a bus, banging sound was surfing on the autumn wind to my ear. I saw three girls jumping and druming inside an old school campus beyond the red leaves falling. Japanese generation y girls band, "Daka-Daka" (打花打火)made a cool round.

Norika Kizaki(木崎詔甲), drum player on the center photo, told, "We wanna spread taiko, or drum, music out among the young people." She started her career with her father drumming team and has seeked for the chance to let the youngs experience a Japanese style beat music. Who invited her was double Michiko's who met in a high school days and have kept good relationship based on the harmonization of both musical talent. Ms. Yamada(山田路子), on flute, said, "We beat too much sometimes" The name of team named after thier play style, like fire works pump upon sky. Three of them, however, can't be seen fervent players before starting reharsal.

Ms. Tsukimura(月村路子) uttered "So-y-ya" and Kizaki started fervarish beat on two of drums. Tsukimura's beat was electrical deep and Kizaki's Yamada's was jumpin g sparkling. Yamada's flute caught me incredibly miraculous. Like Mr.Crapton's Slow hands, her accurate finger handling was too fast to see. More than her technique, her tone out of flute was incredible and impressive.The mellow gold refrain of Yamada's flute on the champagne drum on beat harmonized and took you to the fractale splashing world of sound with gas.
"Daka-Daka" created The fresh red red wine music for the premiere christmas present.

Daka-Daka's "talking 'bout my generation" debut on @ SEEDS, Dec. 9th. with proudly offered

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