Monday, November 06, 2006

The Sound of Silence Plant KO,DO,NA

Many artists have mentioned about the tube of body phenominon. As Kieth Richrds said before, “Coming down from the sky, then it passes through the body and get out of it, that is music." Whether you have the fear of "Nature" or not is the litmus paper for the trustable person, or not.

You want a beatutiful melody, then it gone. If you reproduce the sound of nature, it must go over the temperament. It is inevitable that KO,DO,NA choose the trumpet as his instrument to express. He needs the waving sound because what in his brain is filled with the sound of silence, which our ear can not listen. Mamoru Fujieda's great apporoach, "Plant Aspect(Syokubutsu, Monyou)" shows the electric potential music of the plant. KO,DO,NA feels the electricity of Nature, makes it breathing and sound so that we can understand.

Can his body and trumpet spin its sound from the Shibuya underground? The KO, DO,NA's SEEDS first participation, music from past of 0 o'clock.

Must be on your attention.


Kazutaka Kuroki (黒木一隆、the trumpet and the pianica, electronics, the guitar) due to the solo unit. After the participating in “Ohmimi network”, joined "Kara Gumi" as actor. “BULLETS/COEXIST”, Nishi Azabu you can get his cool performance.

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