Friday, November 03, 2006

Yanaka Blues in Biwa

In raining Yanaka district, the old town Tokyo, the sound from a hundred years old tranquil house led me to the "Yanaka Biwa, Japanese lute, style" concert. One lady of austere wearing kimono was sitting silence, with her eyes close. Pine floor was filled with the greenry incent and people who waited for Nobuko Kawashima's luring tour to Edo lute dream.

Nobuko Kawashima, one of the precious Japanese lute player, has a concert every two month in Yanaka. She said, "Yanaka is the best place to listen biwa play. So I want people to enjoy not only music but this atmosphere down here" She has started "Yanaka Biwa Style" concert two years ago. "Yanaka has still friendly community where neighbors knows and give a help if you need" She thinks that this ambient area life has a good effect on her expression.

Biwa play reminds of the blues shouting at the corner of down the south French Quarter, New Orleans. Like Muddy Waters play, Ms. Kawashima inspired us of her deep voice as well as lute's sound. Her growling hoarse maintained the astonished red wine fregrance. The sound of picking strings and banging lute body with her alt voice waives the meticulous persian carpet.

The Japanese lute, biwa, was introduced here after the long journey on the Silk road. A dry blue sky with the cow bell ringing can imagin in the biwa sound she pulled. Yanaka Biwa Style trace back the mother culture of Japan, spinning new blues style.

Oh, mama, you can't end the Yanaka Blues again. Liberize prowling to stuck inside a bustling mobile.

Don't miss a great opportunity for the refuge of bustle. Yanaka Biwa Blues @SEEDS Tokyo Impact on Dec. 9th. see this blog for more info.

Nobuko Kawashima (川嶋信子)

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