Monday, November 06, 2006

KOBATA Kinds to Viewers

KOBATA's Live Painting @ SEEDS Dec. 9th Sat.

Art needs communication. The paintings music or stages, all of them demand knowledge on them in order to understand. They usually are unkind, reticence, archaic and difficult. They are so self-defensive, getting so nervous on showing their shallowness up. The most inefficial point is that they do not exist unless viewers notice.

When it comes to KOBATA, she is kind to viewers. Kindness to viewers takes her works upper than where supposed to be. KOBATA's live painting works will grow and keep changing with the communication between the viewers. Accrding to Ikujiro Nonaka, the empowerment of "Ba" grows with the accompanied of the interaction of participants.
KOBATA will show on SEEDS Dec.9th

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